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Every wedding is guided by an event manager from the planning to the wedding day. We understand that this support is the key to the success we achieve in our events. Our team, besides being professional, genuinely loves what they do, and that passion is evident.



"With an easy smile and contagious energy, it was Joana who founded Iguarias do Tempo in 2001, thus accumulating extensive experience in organizing all kinds of events.

Planning dream weddings is one of her greatest passions, as she is a lover of significant challenges, where she always manages to turn what seems impossible into absolutely unforgettable moments."



A perfectionist and meticulous professional, she is known for her calmness and ability to instill confidence in couples. Ana is a competent manager for any type of event and is greatly cherished by the couples who have experienced her work."



With an excellent sense of humor, she easily evokes smiles and creates a lighter atmosphere. Coupled with good cheer, her pragmatic and down-to-earth demeanor strikes a good balance between the responsibility of her duties and the feeling that everything is simpler.



Alexandra Conde has been a wedding manager for over 20 years at Iguarias do Tempo, a company she founded with her sister Joana Conde in 2002.
Alexandra, in addition to being on our team as a manager, combines her training in coaching with her passion for life and people in the Celebrate (Symbolic Ceremonies) project.
He conveys a lot of calm, and his years of experience can be seen in the ease with which the conversation flows and with which decisions are made.

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