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Quinta de Santo António do Freixo is located in Cortes, 10 minutes from Leiria’s city center. This venue is surrounded by nature and the river helps to create a peaceful environment, where the color green prevails.

Magic of


If you are a nature lover, then Quinta de Santo António do Freixo is the perfect place for you. The lush green around it and the sound of the river are always present. Its privileged location, 30 minutes from the beaches on the West Coast, 1h30 from Lisbon and really close to iconic places, such as Óbidos, Alcobaça and Fátima, make this venue the best option for your event.

A place of

many dreams

The versatility of Quinta de Santo António do Freixo allows for countless possibilities: The Main Room, The Enchanted Forest and other outdoor spaces can be transformed for meals or for for ceremonies.

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